“Learning program to develop student skills I aspire to achieve excellence in education”

We, as the Impact Training Center team, are pleased to offer you our services in the field of training and the educational field, relying on our experiences that extend for nearly 40 years.

Based on the fact that our educational institutions need continuous exchange of experiences, as they need constant development, following up on the developments of life, we wanted to put our hands in yours for a better future for our children and society as a whole.

Based on the above mentioned, we decided to share with you our special training program, through which we seek to share our experiences through a selection of internationally accredited trainers; Our training program will be based on 3 important points:

1- Educational administration preparation programs.

2- Personality building programs.

3- Teacher capacity building programs.

Who are we

Impact Training Center was launched by a team of professional trainers with decades of experience providing training consultancy and creating innovative solutions. At Impact we provide consultancy, training needs, analysis, coaching and mentoring to companies and individuals. To ensure effective training results, we use the latest technology and non-traditional training approaches. The center operates from Dubai and provides its services to the United Arab Emirates and all Arabic countries online.

Who can benefit from our training program

1- Principals of schools.

2- School administrators who supervise administrative work and students.

3- Teachers in charge of teaching work.

4- Parents.

These groups are categorized according to their educational roles in order to

provide the best educational experience tailored to suit the needs of each

group separately. However, there are some activities and development points

that are shared by all the different groups, in order to provide a unique

experience with the aim of developing and building distinguished and special capabilities.

Educational administration preparation programs

The programs include some important topics, which will be explained and trained by Impact’s internationally accredited trainers.

The main titles of these themes:

– Attractive school preparation.

– Preparing educational leaders.

– Preparing education, development and training


– Educational strategic planning.

– Character building programs.

Character building programs

Those programs include some important points, through which trainers can help students build a personality that is fully prepared to keep pace with the development of the world.

The main titles included in the programs:

– Foundations of effective personality formation.

– Dealing with verbal language and body language.

– Communication and Connection skills.

– Emotional intelligence and Multiple intelligence.

– Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

– How to set your priorities.

– Maps of thinking and making innovation.

– Time management.

– Problem-solving methods.

– Build creative thinking and motivation skills.

Teacher capacity building programs

The focus in these programs will be on digital learning and programming

techniques that will contribute to enabling them to learn the methods and

elements of learning, by training them on:

– Active learning.

– Cooperative learning.

– Project learning.

– Participatory learning.

– Blended learning.

– E-learning and digital learning.

And we are ready to provide these services to all teachers of all specializations in both Arabic and English.

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