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    Do not waste your time and money on unreliable courses, and book your place now in the IELTS course provided by the Impact Training Center with specialized lecturers who helped hundreds of students before to pass the test with ease and obtain an IELTS certificate.

    What we offer you through the course:

    • The duration of the course is only 15 hours, and it is only 10 lessons, each lesson lasting for an hour and a half.
    • Attending the course is online, which makes it suitable for anyone to attend wherever they are from.
    • Coaching, assessment and mentoring are very important points that the lecturers for sure do not neglect during the course.
    • We provide you with the materials you need to pass the course and then the IELTS test.
    • We help you acquire important skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.
    • We also provide continuous follow-up with our students to ensure their continuous development and that they are fully prepared to pass the test.

    Who can benefit from attending the preparation course for IELTS?

    • Students wishing to complete their university studies in Europe or in any country where English is their first language.
    • People who wish to travel abroad to work, especially workers in fields such as pharmacy, medicine, engineering, law, teaching, and others.
    • Those looking to immigrate to an English-speaking country, such as Canada, Britain, the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, and others.

    Advantages of getting an IELTS certificate:

    Skills development

    Develop English language skills, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

    IELTS certificate helps you

    achieve your future dreams, such as joining the university of your dream, or increasing your chances of getting a job in one of more than 55 English-speaking countries.

    More than 11 thousand organizations

    around the world trust the results of the IELTS test, as it is the most popular test in many English-speaking countries, and is approved by the immigration authorities in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the United States of America.

    Why should you choose Impact Center
    for IELTS prep course?

    Because we offer you an experience based on specialized lecturers who do their utmost to ensure that all students reach the level that qualifies them to pass the test, and achieve their goals of getting the certificate within any country in the Arab world.

    Master reading skill

    We are working on developing the skills of summarizing and explaining English texts to increase the skill of reading quickly and with a good understanding of the language.

    Master writing skill

    We are also interested in improving the writing skill, as we ask students to choose topics, arrange their ideas, and then write on these topics in English completely, while giving evaluation and correcting mistakes with them constantly.

    Speaking skills training

    Through practical training on how to correctly pronounce the vocabulary of the language, as well as knowing the correct English grammar to speak it fluently.

    Listening skills training

    We practice recorded conversations, through which we allow students to try to understand the conversation and its purpose to help them understand the conversations in action later.

    Advantages of the IELTS course through
    Impact Center

    Impact Center We own at
    Many features that make us the most suitable choice for you and your time

    • Course duration is only 15 hours divided on 10 lessons.
    • We provide materials and explanations to help you pass the test.
    • Professional and experienced lecturers in IELTS preparation.
    • Direct interaction between lecturers and students to ensure smooth access to information.

    Don’t waste your time achieving your dreams and register now to secure your place in our next round on Monday, March 13th

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